2019 Demo Bikes

$85 per day

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Norco Sight | Carbon 29” _____________ $85

Norco Sight

A true all-rounder in every sense, the Sight does everything well and nothing poorly.


Kona Process | Aluminum 29”_____________ $85

Kona Process

Long travel capable climber.


Kona Process | Aluminum 27.5”_____________ $85

Kona Process

If riders got together and collectively designed their ideal 27.5 all-mountain bike, it would look a lot like the new Process.


Cannondale Habit | Carbon 29”_____________ $85

Cannondale Habit

Cannondale's second-edition Habit is a complete redesign, and like the original that was launched back in 2015, this one is also designed to epitomize the do-it-all trail bike. That said, riding styles have changed a lot since then, so the new Habit has evolved accordingly. Wheels are 29-inch now, (27.5+ compatible with a flip-chip).


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